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This beautiful Akoya pearl necklace ranges between 4.0-6.0mm in size and consists of all beautiful and lustrous pearls with great lustre. All pearls in this necklace are strung with 7-strand stainless steel wire, a premium material reserved for the higher valued pearls. Known as the 'icon' of cultured pearls, Akoya pearls have graced the necks, ears, fingers, and wrists of women for decades. All of our Akoya pearl necklaces are made on site, and our extensive experience and careful attention to detail allows us to create truly beautiful Akoya pearl necklaces.

This necklace comes in our nugget silver clasp, an effortless push and click mechanism, the ideal effortless clasp for those with clumsy fingers.


  • Length: 40-42cm, clavicle length.
  • Pearl Type: Akoya Pearls
  • Pearl Size: 4-6mm
  • Pearl Grade: A/AB
  • Pearl Colour: White
  • Lustre: High
  • Pearl Shape: Round/Near Round
  • Pearl Origin: Japan
  • Clasp Material: Sterling Silver Silver

4-6mm Akoya Pearl Strand Choker Necklace

SKU: PSW14258
  • Please wipe pearls gently with soft cloth after each wear. If necessary, rinse underwater to clean off makeup/body sweat residue and wipe clean with soft cloth.

    DO NOT:

    • Contact pearls with harsh chemicals/acids/alkalines
    • Refrain from sharp/abrasive objects
    • Avoid contact with makeup/fragrance
    • Avoid contact with body sweat/oil
    • Do not swim with pearls, as harsh pool chemicals deteriorate pearl's surface
    • Do not clean pearls with chemicals (e.g. gold cleaning solution, silver cleaning solution, tooth paste, soap, detergents)
    • Do not soak pearls in water for prolonged period of time, as trace substance in water may corrode or mask pearl surface.

Jewellery Packaging Included

  • Jewellery box

  • Gift bag

  • Certificate

  • Jewellery wipe cloth

  • Care instructions pamphlet

Jewellery boxes and packaging
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