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In the realm of elegance, perfection finds its match in imperfection. Baroque pearls, with their unique shapes and captivating irregularities, celebrate the beauty of the unconventional. Each pearl is a masterpiece crafted by nature's whims, an exquisite fusion of texture, luster, and character. Like tiny treasures from the depths of the ocean, Baroque pearls enchant with their individuality, inviting admiration for their organic allure. Adorn yourself with the allure of Baroque pearls and embrace the harmonious symphony of nature's artistry.


Mothers, like guardians in the sea, create a life of freedom and vitality for us with their selfless love and care. The pearl-shaped pendant, resembling a fish leaping into the water and splashing tiny bubbles, symbolizes that a mother's love is like a clear spring, giving us the courage to chase dreams and fly freely. Such a pendant is not only a gratitude for the mother's selfless dedication but also a return of endless love to them.


  • Pearl Type: South Sea Golden Pearl
  • Pearl Size: 11-15mm
  • Pearl Colour: Golden/Light Golden
  • Pearl Shape: Baroque
  • Pearl Origin: South Pacific
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold (Comes with Gold-Plated Chain)


Notice: The setting of this product is crafted from 18K Solid Gold, accompanied by a gold-plated chain.

The Baroque pearls are irregular in shape, with each one possessing its own unique form. Please note that the product received may vary slightly from the images provided, as the actual pearls may differ in shape. The images are for reference purposes only.

18K South Sea Baroque Pearl Pendant ( A Fish's Leaping Ballet)

SKU: HP0577-YZ-8
$799.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
  • Please wipe pearls gently with soft cloth after each wear. If necessary, rinse underwater to clean off makeup/body sweat residue and wipe clean with soft cloth.

    DO NOT:

    • Contact pearls with harsh chemicals/acids/alkalines
    • Refrain from sharp/abrasive objects
    • Avoid contact with makeup/fragrance
    • Avoid contact with body sweat/oil
    • Do not swim with pearls, as harsh pool chemicals deteriorate pearl's surface
    • Do not clean pearls with chemicals (e.g. gold cleaning solution, silver cleaning solution, tooth paste, soap, detergents)
    • Do not soak pearls in water for prolonged period of time, as trace substance in water may corrode or mask pearl surface.

Jewellery Packaging Included

  • Jewellery box

  • Gift bag

  • Certificate

  • Jewellery wipe cloth

  • Care instructions pamphlet

Jewellery boxes and packaging
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